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    I'll add Rules for the Wiki soon, have a good day!

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  • Poisonmymouth

    The Wiki will be revived as I have returned from my absence! True information will be on here now.

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  • Poisonmymouth

    Another section to make it more professional and understanding is adding the Type Weaknesses/Strengths. You would make the word "Weaknesses" in Bold and Underlined Letters then highlight the word then click "Increase Indent" (The button next to the Numbered List Button). Then you would press enter then use the Bulleted List to list each Weakness. Then repeat the same thing for the Strengths right below the Weaknesses list. This section will be place below the Moves Section and above the Evolution Section.

    Example(We'll use Darkrai): 

    • Fighting Types
    • Bug Types

    • Ghost Types
    • Psychic Types

    Another new thing will be added to the Description section, the type of the Pokemon. There is the Categories that state what type they are but a…

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  • Poisonmymouth

    I have come up with a format that would look professional for each of the pages. Please use the format listed below.

    An example such as Feraligatr. I have made it so the description describes what the Pokemon is by biology of it (The way it looks). For people who can't figure out how to do it an easy way is to go to Bulbapedia, search up a Pokemon and copy one or two sentences from the subtitle "Biology", and example of a page for Feraligatr,

    Now for Location you could say where the Pokemon could be found in the wild. The Location as in area, just like the first forest is where you could find Pichu. If they can't be found in the wild just simply say "(Pokemon name) can not be caught in the w…

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