RobloxScreenShot07242014 232359-530

A screenshot of the Ghost Town

RobloxScreenShot01232014 154801732

The large tombstone at the end of the path

The official name of this town is unknown. Because of this, it is simply referred to as "The Ghost Town". The Ghost Town is filled to the brim with graves and gives no sense of comfort to those who enter. Even though the town does appear to be abandoned, it is actually not, for you can see light shine through the windows of its residents and there is a fully functional pokemon center as well as a pokemon mart, which are the red and blue-roofed houses near the end of the path. There are two lone pine trees at the entrance to add to the gloominess of the town. At the end of the path is a large tombstone that the player can enter.

Location Edit

The Ghost town can be found at the end of the Ghost Forest. The player must have acquired at least 6 badges before they are able to enter.

Gym Leaders Edit

The gym leader Irie can be found in the Ghost Town.

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