A Slugma

A Slugma

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 4.12.40 AM

Shiny Slugma


Slugma is a Fire Type. Its body is bright red, fading to a duller red along its extremities. It has large, round, yellow eyes with small pupils. Slugma's head is ovoid with flame-like extensions spreading upward from its eyes and round, stable drops of magma dangling from its upper jaw. Its lower body is irregular in shape, and occasionally emits bubbles.


Slugma can be found in the Volcano and is caught at Level 34 and 35.


Caught-Rock throw, Ember

Type Weaknesses/StrengthsEdit

  • Retarded types
  • Water Types
  • Rock Types

  • Bug Types
  • Grass Types
  • Ice Types
  • Steel Types


Evolves into Magcargo at Level 38.

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