This is about pokemon types weakness and strengths, etc.

Warning: This may NOT be correct, due to some pokemons, like Heracross, having 2 types. Or Slugma.

Heracross, being both bug and fighting type, is HORRIBLE against a ghost, because of the fighting type. On the other hand, the other bug type Ledian isn't too bad when fighting a ghost type.


Fire > grass, ice, bug, and steel (sometimes steel)

Grass > water, ground, rock

Steel > ice and rock, sometimes electric too

Ice > ground, flying

Ground > fire, electric, poison, rock and steel 

Fighting > ice, rock, dark and steel (sometimes steel.)

Ghost > fighting, rock, normal

Psychic > fighting and poison 

Dragon > dragon (lol dragonite owns dragonite)

Bug > grass, psychic, and water (depends on the bug type)

Electric > water and flying 

Rock > fire, ice, flying, electric

Poison > grass and bug 

Flying > grass, fighting and bug 

Water > fire, ground and rock

Fusion Pokemon> fighting, pooping, and more pooping


Fire < water, ground and rock 

Grass < fire, poison and flying 

Steel < ground (not all the time), fire and fighting 

Ice < steel, rock, fire and fighting 

Ground < water, ice and grass 

Fighting < flying, psychic, and especially ghost

Ghost < ghost and dark (sometimes ice)

Psychic < bug, dark, ghost 

Dragon < dragon (sometimes ice)

Bug < rock, fire, flying and poison 

Electric < ground and rock

Rock < water, grass, (sometimes steel)

Poison < ground and psychic 

Flying < electric, rock and ice 

Water < electric, bug, (sometimes grass)