RobloxScreenShot07242014 215514242

A screenshot of Mineridge City

Mineridge City is one of the largest, most populated, and most complex Cities in the Pokemon Reborn RPG. Mineridge City has 3 different elevation levels that make it mildly difficult to navigate through the City. Each section of the City is connected by what appears to be log, these logs are scattered throughout the City and allow you to ascend and descend as you walk through it. All residents of Mineridge City live on the 1st and 2nd floors of the city, while the 3rd floor is where the pokemon center, the pokemon mart, the gym, and the exit are located. Oddly, the residents of Mineridge City appear to live inside of the walls of the cave that Mineridge City is located in.

Location Edit

Mineridge City is accessible to those who have acquired at least 4 gym badges and leads to the Volcano area.

Gym Leaders Edit

Mineridge City is home to the dual Water/Grass type specialist Erin.

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