Meganium is a pale green, sauropod-like Pokémon with yellow eyes. It has two stamen-like protrusions sprouting from

RobloxScreenShot06122016 183905695

the top of its head, each tipped with its own anther. These protrusions are shorter on the female. It has four feet, each of which have three toes. The leaves around its neck seem to have sprouted into a large pink flower with a yellow central pattern and white tips.''


Meganium can not be caught in the wild.


Evolves- Forgets Tackle. Keeps Razor Leaf and Magical Leaf.

Level 45- Mega Drain

Level 55- Solar Beam

  • Flying Types
  • Ice Types
  • Fire Types
  • Bug Types
  • Poison Types

  • Ground Types
  • Rock Types
  • Water Types
  • Electric Types


Evolves from Bayleef at Level 30. Pre-evolution before Bayleef is Chikorita.


Meganium's Pre-evolution.

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