Starting outEdit

You will spawn in an enclosed room. Click on the bubbles to chose your starter: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile. When you choose, the game will take you to the spawn area. If you're unhappy with your starter, don't save. You should save now. There will be a GUI on top of your screen that says "Save". Click that. You are ready to begin your Pokémon Journey!



With your Pokémon out(select the Pokémon in your inventory, click to throw the Pokeball and the Pokémon will come out)click a wild Pokémon near you. This will trigger a battle. Click on a move on the status GUI to use a move. Once you've used a move, you must wait before using it again. When you have defeated your opponent, you will gain money and the pokemon will gain EXP.


To heal your Pokémon, go to a red Pokémon Center. Click on the bubble above Nurse Joy's head. Say "Yes please" to heal your Pokémon. It is suggested the your Pokémon faint or have low health before healing to save time and trips to the Pokémon Center.


To buy Pokeballs out VIP, head to the blue store. Talk to the Shopkeeper. You must have money to buy Pokeballs. You will receive them in your inventory once you buy them. To buy, click on the item you want once the GUI pops up. Once your done, click close to close the GUI.


Your Pokémon gets EXP for each battle it wins. This is how it levels up and gets stronger, learns new moves and evolves.

Catching PokémonEdit

To catch Pokémon, lower a wild Pokémon to low health(do not make it faint). Take an empty Pokeball and click on the wild Pokémon. Depending on the health of the wild Pokémon, the Pokeball and your luck, the Pokémon will be caught or the Pokeball will break and the wild Pokémon will escape the Pokeball. Caught Pokémon will be put in your party if you have less than 6 pokemon in your party or in the PC if you have more. Caught Pokémon are not automatically healed.


There are 15 types in this game: Water, Fire, Grass, Bug, Poison, Flying, Rock, Ground, Electric, Dragon, Ghost, Fighting, Steel, Psychic and Dark. Each type has a weakness and a resistance, such as Fire is weak to Water, but strong against grass. To see complete list go to Type

Gyms, Elite 4 and ChampionEdit

The object of the game is to challenge gyms, earn badges, beat the Elite 4 and defeat the Rukiryo, the champion to become champion. By beating gyms you unlock new areas, new catchable Pokémon, etc. For help go to Gym Leaders, A tip for the Gyms and Elite 4

Have Fun with your journey on Pokemon Reborn RPG!Edit