• Electric Type moves don't effect Rock Type and Ground Type Pokemon.
  • Lotad, and Lombre are the only Water and Grass Types in the game. The third evolution, Ludicolo, cannot be obtained.
  • Electabuzz is the strongest Electric Type in the game, having 4 moves, and learning moves faster than Pikachu. Magneton only has three moves, making him inferior, though Magneton gets a Steel typing to help it.
  • Oddish and Chikorita, Bayleef, and Meganium are the only pure grass types in the game.
  • Haunter and Gengar are the only ghost-types in the game.
  • Heracross and Lucario are the only fighting types in the game, the former being Bug/Fighting and the latter being Steel/Fighting.
  • Aron its immune to the eletric move,in the power plant , pikachus and magnemites can't kill you easily,its good for make a exp farming.
  • The Pokemon can do more damage depending on the type,example:A pokemon with water movements give us much damage tipe stone and fire type moves deal more damage to pokemons grass type
  • Heracross, despite being Bug/Fighting, can't learn any bug/fighting moves.
  • Haunter is the only catchable ghost type
  • Pichu and Rattata are the lowest level pokemon in the game
  • Slugma is the only catchable fire type