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IllIll with Lapras

IllIll is the first member of the Elite 4.

IllIll uses a Lapras, a Water Type and an Ice Type Pokemon.

Effective Types of Pokemon
  • Fire Type (depends on level)
  • Grass Type
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  • Electric Type (most effective)


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cole7778 and Scyther

cole7778 is the second member of the Elite 4.

He uses a Scyther, a Bug Type and a Flying Type Pokemon.

Effective Types of Pokemon
  • Fire Type
  • Rock Type
    RobloxScreenShot02022014 183542130

    Scyther being battled.

  • Flying Type
  • Electric Type
  • Ice Type

Magcargo, Flareon, and Typhlosion are recommended


RobloxScreenShot01042014 195358957

Precipice and Ninetales

Precipice is the third member of the Elite 4.

He uses Ninetales, a Fire Type Pokemon.

Effective Types of Pokemon' '
  • Water Type
  • Rock Type
  • Ground Type


dietcoke101 is the fourth member of the Elite 4.

RobloxScreenShot01042014 195443247

dietcoke101 and Absol

He uses Absol, a Dark type pokemon.

Effective Types of Pokemon
  • Bug Type
  • Fire Type
  • Water Type

Haunter Is not recommended use anything that's level 60 to 65


Rukiryo is the champion of the Elite 4.

He uses a Dragonite, a Dragon Type and a Flying Type. Dragonite has Solarbeam, Dark Pulse , Thunderbolt, and Fireblast. Because Dragonite has such a variety of attacks, it is very difficult to defeat him.

Effective Types of Pokemon
  • Rock Type
    RobloxScreenShot01042014 195559007

    Rukiryo and Dragonite

  • Ice Type


The gallery below shows the completion GUI, at the end of the GUI 'sildeshow' you're returned to the Elite 4 pokemon center

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