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Caterpie is a serpentine Pokémon. It is a green caterpillar with yellow ring-shaped markings down the sides of its body. It also has large yellow eyes with black pupils. Its most notable characteristic is the bright red antenna on its head, which releases a stench to repel predators. These and the large eye-shaped markings help to startle predators. Its feet are tipped with suction cups, permitting this Pokémon to scale most surfaces with minimal effort. Hardyt3kyoyo's favorite Pokemon.

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Shiny Caterpie


Can be found at the First Forest and its Level is 2-8.


Caught-Tackle , Absorb.

Learns absorb at level 6.


Caterpie evolves into Metapod on level 9 and then evolves at 10.

into Butterfree

Type Weaknesses/StrengthsEdit

  • Fire type
  • Bird/flying type

  • Grass Types
  • Ground Types
  • Fighting Types

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Shiny Caterpie

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